Frequently Asked Questions

“Are you dog friendly?”

We are! And we love having dogs in the brewery. Just make sure they remain on a leash the entire time.

“Can we bring our children?”

Yes you can! We have a plethora of board games and playing cards to keep them busy while you drink some delicious beer.

“Can we have a party or event at the brewery?”

Yes, get in touch with us via the contact page or stop by the brewery and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.

“Why do we have to take a tour?”

With the way the laws are set up in New Jersey for us to operate as a tasting room, you have to take a tour. We've got them down to just about a minute, it's painless, we promise.

“Can we bring our own drinks?”

Yes, we have water, but you're more than welcome to bring your own soda or any other non-alcoholic beverages. You however cannot bring wine or liquor into the brewery, as it is very against the law.

“Can we bring our own food?”

Absolutely, you can always bring in any food or snacks you like we just ask that you clean up, toss out or take it with you when you're done.